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Buy Curb Painting Course Now! No minimum number of hours you need to work in order to make $40/hour!   No Inventory! No Advertising Costs!  Curb Painting start-up costs run under $20 in supplies.   Most of the required supplies can be purchased at a local hardware or lumber store.   Your only expendable supplies will be a few cans of spray paint each week!   If you ever have a question about this curb painting course, you can e-mail me!

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USA Flag blowing in the wind. Support our troops! If you want to learn how to paint curb address numbers like the ones shown above or to the left, you have come to the right website!
Make $40/hr + in your spare time!
Start Your Own Curb Painting Business and Work For Yourself!
Work whatever days you like!
Excellent Job for College and High School Students!
No Boss!   This Job is Very Easy!
100 jam packed pages in curb painting course
+ 6 minute Movie of Jason Painting a Curb Address!

Information included on the use and purchase of 3" and 4" metal curb painting stencils,  where to purchase custom curb painting stencils (ribbon, flag, snowman, etc.), and how to use promotional fliers to boost curb painting sales!
New! Sixth Edition - free curb painting stencil templates for 3" and 4" numbers (ribbon stencil included)!  (2) curb painting borders to help when dealing with curbs that have sloped or curved surfaces.   Information on how to make a curb painting border using masking tape!   Instructions on Trash Can Address Numbering ($5+ per trash can)!

Video - Watch Jason talk
about Curb Painting Curb Painting Video Intro 1.1MB

Listen to Jason talk about Curb Painting Curb Painting Audio Intro 0.8MB

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